Why reduce your water consumption?

Mis à jour : 19 août 2020

What is the point if 72% of our planet is made up of it?

1. 98% of the water available on the planet is not drinkable by humans.

And only 0.7% of fresh water is available which we still need to filter and treat.

In other words, a drop of water that would be available to Humanity.


Is it necessary to remember that without water, the Life of humanity, animals, plants ... does not exist?


60 seconds is the time to heat up a pasta dish, isn't it ...?

During this time, it's 5 people who die because they don't have access to water.

  • 1 person every 12 seconds.


Besides that, we consume on average 150 liters of drinking water per day. (some experts speak about 250 liters per day and per person in France).

So we send 5,250 glasses of water a week under our feet, in the pipes.

While we drink only 53 glasses of water per week.


At the same time, our French pipelines lose 190,000 liters of water ... every 30 seconds.

30 seconds ! Just long enough for you to prepare a coffee.


But before being wasted, this water has undergone a long process of purification.

Captured, sieved, disinfected, treated, stored, transported ... then lost ... but still paid by citizens.


In other words, only in a small country like France, we would lose daily the daily consumption of drinking water (1.5L) of each inhabitant of Latin America.

America is 19 countries, 365 million inhabitants.

In summary, each person on Earth, including YOU has a role to play in the consumption and protection of blue gold.

Key figures to remember:

60% of the human body is composed of water / 210 glasses of water for 70Kg

  • Frenchman uses 5,300 glasses of water per week only 53 for drinking

  • So it's 1% for hydrating you and 99% for anything else

  • 90% of natural risks are linked to water

  • And finally, in 30 years, 40% of the world's population will face water shortages.

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Source: neomag.fr / leparisien.fr / CIE / Astee / veolia / Un water

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