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The candle, as cosy as it is toxic? ☠️

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Some studies have pointed to the toxicity of candles 🕯 and incense, others to their highly synthetic/chemical compositions or the marketing of "natural candles" which mislead consumers.

Nisrine on Instagram asked us if candles could be toxic for her and if there were ecological alternatives.

We are going to answer this question very simply by relying on several studies, mainly the EBENE study - Exposure to pollutants emitted by candles and incense in indoor environments. "Emissions and associated health risks."


In general, the use of incense leads to greater exposure than the use of candles 🕯. The substances of priority interest identified are benzene, fine particles, and to lesser extent acetaldehyde, formaldehyde and acrolein.

Conversely, the use of scented candles leads to higher nitrogen dioxide exposures than incense use.

Concerning the toxicity of these products, the EBENE study indicates that "no worrying situation is expected for chronic exposures associated with the most common uses".

However, remember that this depends on the type of environment in which we use these products. 🏠

👉 In an enclosed area with little ventilation, this exposure can be toxic to your health. Remember to ventilate the room regularly 🌬

🐶 Like this small dog, get a breath of fresh air indoors to protect your health.


In terms of ecology and eco-responsibility, the players in the field play the marketing card to attract consumers. With their packaging or the sometimes misleading mentions of "natural", this does not help us to make a choice that respects the environment. 🛑

We advise you to use candles made locally, without paraffin (petrol).

🐝 Beeswax candles that do not contain chemicals have a low burning temperature, which also reduces the amount of nitrogen dioxide emissions.

Therefore, choose candles with natural essential oils, soy wax without GMOs or pesticides or palm oil.

Let's take the time to live, let's regain our self-confidence with a little manual work. You will be proud of yourself 😃

👉 We can even easily manufacture our candle there.

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