Summary of June topic: Save Water

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June was full of information and tips. We offer you a summary in less than 3 minutes for the kitchen, the bathroom and the garden.

  • Keep in mind that a water bill per year is on average € 800 for 4 people.

In our first article, "Why reduce your water consumption?" we gave some figures on water consumption. 💧

Here are some simple tips now.

How to do?

In the kitchen:

  • Wash fruits 🍓 and vegetables 🥦 in a single tray of water.

  • Do the dishes in two different trays. One to wash, one to rinse.

  • Reduces water consumption by 85% compared to normal dishes. (-50L)

  • Or the best is, directly in the dishwasher with an ecological washing product. => It's -30% less phosphorus ☠

On the cooking side, we have some interesting things to tell you 😃: It is very easy and even beneficial to reuse the cooking water from our kitchen ♨

  • Pasta water 🍝:

  • To make your sauce base for your dish

  • To rinse the hair which gives a shiny and silky effect

  • For your feet, a little warm bath of minerals. Of course without the legs because it gets tangled around the toes 🦶

  • Rice water 🍣:

  • A bottle of this water, 2 hours in the fridge for a fresh and energizing drink.

  • It also improves digestion in case of bloating

  • And the best of the best ... 🥇 you can rinse your face with it! For softer and more beautiful skin. Well ... If you already think you're super hot, forget this advice. 😉

  • Potato water 🥔:

  • Warm, it allows you to weed both your indoor plants and your garden path 🌴

  • Cold, she cleans granny's silverware 👩‍🦳

  • Vegetable water 🍆:

  • This water can be used to water all plants.

  • Rich in vitamins and nutrients, this water will be perfect as a booster and natural fertilizer.

STOP 🚨 to let the tap open! You can collect all the cooking water to degrease and clean the pans. 👀 How many people would throw the cooking water directly into the sink? 🤯

Balance in figures for 1 person:

3 eco-friendly dishes per week, save you 150 liters of water. The pasta cooking water, rice and potatoes is 150 liters per year.

By simple methods, you reduce your consumption by almost 8,000 liters of water 🌍 per year (It is still 8 tonnes).

In the bathroom:

It is in this room where our water consumption is the highest and also the easiest to reduce.

  • The shower 🚿:

  • A flow rate for a conventional shower is between 15 to 20 liters of water per minute.

  • Turn off the water when soaping for an average shower of 10 minutes in Europe. It's just already 50% savings from 158L of water 70.

  • Brush your teeth 😁:

  • An open water tap is 12L per minute discharged polluted in nature.

  • 2 minutes of brushing twice a day, would be like wasting 50 kg of water ... per day!

  • So we try to always close the tap. 👌

  • The toilets 🚽:

  • A flush is 9L per use for the most economical WC And statistics say that we would go 4 times a day.

  • I drink mini 2L of water per day ... and I already go there 2 times an hour 🤣 Tips:

  • You can put a bottle of water in the toilet (well, not where you pee 👁👁) And you reduce consumption by 1.5L without seeing the difference.

  • Don't flush the toilet at night 😴 and pee in the shower 😃

Balance in figures for 1 person: Washing your teeth responsibly with a reasoned shower means reducing your water consumption by 17,000 and 29,000L respectively. 46,000 liters or Kg for one person and € 160 per year saved.

In the garden:

  • Collect rainwater 💧

  • Hoeing between plants 🌷

  • Put a mulch around the cultivation of your beautiful garden🌻 (It's classy moreover)

  • Install an Oyas, ecological watering. Local European artisans make them. Explanations: What is an Oyas?

Conclusion :

Saving water is simple, it is said that it takes 21 days to change a habit. By simple gestures, you can halve this quantity very easily. You protect the planet, save your money and even make your skin and hair more beautiful!

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Sources : / eau.veolia / ecoco2 / comment économiser / Inrs / Que choisir / eau de paris /

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